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Is there an objective you must meet in a very short and specific period and you need our help to accomplish it? Do you have an 'interim' security we can hold on to until your business gets done? We can help!

Here are 2 scenarios where you may need a bridging loan:

  • Need to make a downpayment on a property you are buying, but the one you are selling is not yet sold? (ie. if you are selling a property but you  haven't reeceived the proceeds from the sale yet to make the downpayment on the other you are buying. Let your lawyer give us a Letter of Undertaking that when your property is sold your loan will be repaid in full. That would bridge the gap!


  • Need to purchase a car online and import it yourself and you need the loan to start the process until the physical car gets in the country for us to assess the risk and register our lien? Give us a letter of hypothecation of monies you have free in an institution and we will hold to that until we can rely on the motor vehicle itself.