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 Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest is the only product product that insures the financial goal you want to reach!!!

This is an excellent medium to long- term goal oriented saving account! Possibly the only saving account that insures your goal. Imagine the amount you intend to save being insured! Excellent returns... guaranteed protection! 

There is no minimum goal, neither is there a minimum monthly deposit. Maximum saving goal period is 10 years. 

The Golden Harvest does not just allow you to save towards a goal, it insures that goal as well.

Example: You have a 5 year saving goal of  $500,000, if you become totally and permanently disabled, the credit union will pay the amount saved to date in addition to the insurance coverage, which is the goal intended. If you should die however, the same will be made payable to named beneficiary.

 Benefits of Golden Harvest 

  1. Encourages Saving
  2. Saving goal is insured
  3. Attractive interest paid on saving
  4. Can be used as additional insurance coverage when applying for a loan