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Mortgage Loan

Get up to $7,500,000 to assist in purchasing a home. we have enetered into a Pari Passu Arrangement with National Housing Trust (NHT) to make it easier for you!


  • First time homeowners
  • Maximum loan of $7.5M
  • 10% of loan required as ‘free’ shares
  • 10% share saving upon repayment
  • Up to 40 yrs to repay, depending on age
  • Up to 30 years to repay if loan is for building on own land
  • Salary Deduction only (no over-counter payments)

*Conditions Apply

General Documents Needed

  • Valid ID
  • Current valuation of property
  • Finalized sale agreement
  • Eligibility letter from NHT or other lending institution
  • Representation Letter from Attorney assisting with proposed purchase
  • Status of Water Rate/Bill for property

Building on Own Land

  • Proof of Ownership
  • Proof of payment of local government taxes
  • Approved Plan
  • Contractor’s estimate
  • Qualified surveyors estimate