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Partner Plus...

‘respecting your investment’

Delivering financial opportunities — Everything, with care and dedication

There is no other Partner Plan anywhere like it, just throw your hand… collect your draw. 

Partner Hands (per month)

  • Join 6, 9 or 12-month Partner Plus Plans
  • 1 hand = 4 weekly installments= 2 fortnightly deposits = 1 monthly deposit
  • Throw any amount of hands you like
  • Service account through payroll deduction or over the counter.
  • Over counter payments due the 5th of each month
  • All deposits plus interest is payable at the end of the Partner Plus Plan
  • Subject to withholding tax
  • Interest rates can change with market conditions-          


  • Sure returns on your deposits made
  • Helps you to achieve short-to medium term saving goals.
  • Higher interest rates than ordinary deposits and other like products
  • Rollover principal and interest on our attractive Fixed Deposit rates
  • Transfer to Share Account for share building
  • Transfer to Ordinary Deposit Account
  • Cash in Hand / Withdrawal