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Get $1000 for each new member you refer

1 member = $1,000 / 10 members = $10,000

*conditions apply

Delivering financial opportunities — Everything, with care and dedication

short term investments

Christmas Club
Save until Christmas and get great returns on your investment! It pays to save.
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long term investments

Treasure Chest (0-15 years):
Save for your child’s welfare. At a minimum of $500 monthly, take this piecemeal approach to securing your child’s future!
Benefits of Child Account:
  1. Assists with education and medical expenses
  2. Encourages independence of the child as he or she saves
  3. Automatically converted to Share Account/ or Regular Member status up on reaching age 18.
  4. Allows participation in saving competitions and other like events
Documents required to open Account:
  • Recent passport-sized photograph
  • Child’s Birth Certificate

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